Will Gyms Continue Post-COVID?

With gyms closing their doors due to COVID-19, many turned to alternative ways of working out to upkeep their exercise. And, with working out from home being so accessible, many new to working out took up the daily routine during quarantine. But, now with the country slowly opening back up, what does the future of gyms look like?

With health concerns at an all time high, many said they no longer feel that a public gym is the most sanitary option. In a recent survey, only 20% of Americans said they feel comfortable going back to the gym. And 25% of Americans said they plan to never go back. When working out at home, you're isolated from others, not sharing any equipment, greatly reducing the risk of getting Coronavirus, or any other sickness. For some, this is the greatest concern.

For others, it is the simple fact that they no longer miss going to the gym. 25% said that they do not miss going, and would rather work out at home anyways. The combination of digital fitness and remote work makes it easy for many to work in exercising from home, easier than ever before. 

On the flip side, some predictions are saying that gym culture will not diminish, but rather change. Adjustments will be made to accommodate for the health-conscious, with the implementation of more intense cleaning measures. And while the transition may be slow, previous gym members will begin to miss the feeling of working out at a gym. The experts on this side of the issue are predicting a gradual return to how it was before. 

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Also, we'd love to hear from you! Which way do you think the post-COVID gym future will go? Leave a comment below! We're open to you all sharing with us 💚

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We are social creatures. Working from home is not enough, we crave the companionship of of co-workers so we set up times to meet and collaborate in person even if socially distant. The same goes for the gym. We all could work out on our own but we need the camaraderie and motivation of being with others. Gyms will be different but not go away. Our YMCA calls and checks in on our members and motivates them to do both virtual and in person workouts.

Tim Bartlett September 01, 2020

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