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All About Masks, Masks, Masks

First things first, we want to thank everyone involved in our mask donation program. Between our direct mask donations, and our $50 = 10 masks donated, we have been able...

First things first, we want to thank everyone involved in our mask donation program. Between our direct mask donations, and our $50 = 10 masks donated, we have been able to donate over 80,000 masks to front line workers across the country (see below for some of the locations we have donated). These donations have meant the world to these workers, who are all risking their lives to keep us protected. No matter how big or small your contribution was, it made a difference. Thank you all for donating, and thank you to the front line workers.

With the realization of the need for surgical masks to healthcare workers came the realization, then requirement, for us at home to be protected as well. And, it is predicted that the virus will change the way of life even after quarantine has lifted. Many are saying that a major cultural shift is among us, and the wearing of masks and reserved social behavior will continue for at least a year, if not longer. That is why we are now offering fabric face masks for all of us at home! And, with each purchase of a fabric mask, we will donate a surgical mask on a 1 for 1 basis to those medical professionals still in need. 

Our fabric face masks are made out of a combination of our signature, sustainable triblend fabric for the outside, and a 100% organic cotton lining on the inside. Just because the need for wearing masks came upon us so quickly and urgently does not mean we were willing to give up the sustainability factor of our masks. Then, you do not have to compromise your sustainable wardrobe just to have a face covering! The side ear straps are adjustable for comfort, based on your preferred tightness. They also come in multiple colors and patterns, so you can still be fashionable when you're out wearing your mask.

A prominent question that arises when it comes to wearing masks is their actual impact on slowing down the spread of the virus. It has been proven, as reported by LiveScience, Mayo Clinic, Science News for Students, BBC, and more, that all masks ranging from cloth all the way up to N95's help slow the spread of COVID-19 in conjunction with other safety measures. Masks do not substitute hand-washing and social distancing. Because each level of mask filters out a different amount of droplets and particles, it's important to continue to wash hands and social distance as some are able to still get through the mask. But, when all of these measures are taken together, chances of spread are diminished significantly. The lowest level of mask, which are cloth masks that are recommended for all of us, filter at least 50% of particles. This means, when wearing masks, it cuts the chance of spreading the virus in half. That's significant. Throw the other measures on top of that, and we have lowered the chances incredibly.

All in all, if you're looking for a mask for yourself, your family, your friends, and want to partake in our extended donation program, our masks are available for presale. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong!

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  • Marcia Adams
    Marcia AdamsMay 27, 2020

    Seeing all of the great healthcare facilities you have already donated to, I am already a big fan of your products, I writing to see about any donation possibility for the cardiac surgery staff at Emory Saint Joseph’s hospital in Atlanta. Such an amazing group care providers and my home for almost 25 years. They do me proud and would love to repay them somehow

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