The Issue

The problem is 2 fold.
1) The fashion industry uses a ton of water, period.

2) Since dying fabric is water intensive, most of that water used was either in the dying or washing process which contaminated the water with all kinds of chemicals.

billions cubic feet
water consumed. It is enough for almost a million human lifetimes.
billions pounds
solid waste produced. That is more than the weight of 15 million elephants.
million gallons
crude oil used. It is filling 4,400 Olympic swimming pools.

At Threads 4 Thought, we do things differently here and are always striving to do better.

litters used
Our factories use less than half of the water typically used per garment.*
80% of our wastewater is recycled & reused.
million gallons
Last year, we saved over 500 million gallons of water.