Dye & Water

The Issue

The apparel industry is the second most water intensive industry on the planet and very little of the water used is re-used.

Our Action

Our main factory recycles 80% of its industrial wastewater resulting in some credible savings.

  • 500liters used

    Last year, we saved over
    500 million gallons of water.

  • 80%water recycled

    80% of our wastewater is
    recycled and reused.

Certified Dyeing

Our innovative Invincible fabrics are bluesign certified. The BlueSign® system is focused on people, the environment and resources. Through its comprehensive approach based on Input Stream Management, the BlueSign® SYSTEM reduces the textile industry’s impacts on people & the environment, ensures responsible use of resources and guarantees the highest degree of consumer protection.

The strictest criteria and analysis for on-site system implementation motivates companies along the entire value-added chain to improve their sustainability performance with BlueSign®.

We are one of the first companies to implement Clean Colour, a revolutionary dye technology that eliminates all harmful chemicals and reduces the need for water within the dye process by 95%.