T4T UPDATE: Warehouse Sale!

Every year, we hold a warehouse sale actually at our warehouse where all items are a fraction of their original prices. Similar to that of a thrift store, the pieces are samples, older styles, colors from past seasons, and just an overall plethora of T4T finds. It's a way for us to clear out our warehouse without throwing the clothes away (like some companies do.) Whatever isn't sold at the sale, is picked up by discount department stores, or donated.

We look forward to hosting this event every year, and we know some of you all have attended in the past to get the deals of a lifetime on your favorite sustainable clothes. Unfortunately, due to the virus, we are not able to hold our warehouse sale in our warehouse this year. So, we're bringing it to you online!

Prices will be slashed up to 75% off, and pieces will be going quick. Everything in the Warehouse Sale section will be up for grabs at discounted prices. Make sure to tune in early to avoid missing out on anything you'd like to get! The sale will start Sunday morning, 08/09/2020, and will last the entire week. See below for just a preview of some items that'll be included:






















And there's more where that came from! Tune in this weekend and shop the Warehouse Sale, virtually.

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