Safe & Sustainable Holiday Activities

We have officially entered into the holiday season, but this year's holiday season is very different than before. With the pandemic limiting much of what makes up this season, we have to find creative ways to still engage in holiday activities, and spend time with our loved ones! So, we've put together some suggestions for you to have a sustainable and safe holiday.

If You're Zooming

  • This one's for the kids: Zoom with Santa Claus! Since it is unlikely that Santa Claus will be visiting malls this year, the little ones can still virtually meet with Santa and outline all their holiday wishes.
  • Play family games! Here is a list of 35 games you can play with the fam over Zoom.
  • For the adults: host a Zoom Happy Hour! Kick back and gossip like you used to, just virtually. Add a little zest by encouraging everyone to make their own homemade holiday cocktails!

If You're Having a Small Get-Together

In the case that you don't have to get on a plane to visit your family or friends, here are some safe ways to still have a great time:

  • Do something outdoors! It may be cold where you are, but it's worth it to keep everyone safe. Bundle up, and get outside for a walk through the park or a family snowball fight.
  • Take a drive to see holiday lights! With nowhere to go, this year's decorations may be the best you've seen so far!
  • Binge watch holiday movies! From animated to new era, they'll surely get everyone in the holiday spirit. Spice it up with some homemade hot cocoa and desserts!

If You're Holiday Shopping

  • Shop small! Support small businesses that are seriously hurting because of the pandemic.
  • Support women-owned & BIPOC-owned businesses. Shopping sustainably also means shopping inclusively.
  • Do the extra research for find a sustainable version of the gift you are searching for! There's almost always an eco-friendly equivalent to something someone has on their wishlist. And, this sheds light on sustainable products, which could possibly sway those who you're gifting to consider more sustainable products when shopping for themselves.

If You're Gift Wrapping

  • Use recycled materials! Whether it's wrapping paper or bags & tissue paper, be sure to use recycled materials. And, make sure to recycle these materials after-the-fact!
  • Use reusable materials. Wrapping presents in things that can be reused is an awesome way to give two gifts in one! You can wrap with cloth napkins, nice towels, and even a blanket depending on the gift size. Then, when the unwrapping is done, they have a new accessory for their home.

🎄 Cheers to the holiday season! 🎄 

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