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Resolutions & Goals, Hopes & Dreams

It's New Year's Eve, so let's get into the resolutions, goals, hopes, and dreams for 2020! But, not before reminiscing on 2019. This past year brought us some grand achievements...

It's New Year's Eve, so let's get into the resolutions, goals, hopes, and dreams for 2020! But, not before reminiscing on 2019. This past year brought us some grand achievements in the environmental realm ... 😊

The state of New York banned single-use plastic bags, joining California and Hawaii to make 3 US States that have completely banned single-use plastic bags statewide.

Greta Thunberg led the largest climate strike in human history: 4 million people, in 163 countries, across all 7 continents.

Heliogen had a solar power breakthrough, creating the technology needed to capture enough concentrated solar power to fuel the most carbon-intensive industries on the planet.

Boyan Slat of the Ocean Cleanup launched the River Interceptor, a machine that successfully collects waste from our rivers before reaching the ocean.

The Ocean Cleanup completed Mission One, officially collecting ocean plastics, bringing them to shore, and preparing them to be upcycled into new products.

Those are just a few of the many accomplishments from 2019, but there is still progress to make! As a company, we have our own specific goals and resolutions that we plan on working towards in 2020.

1. Eliminating all single-use plastics from our shipping process.

The only single-use plastics used in our shipping process are the EcoEnclose polybags, and the hangtags that secure our product tags to the clothing. While they are made from recycled materials, we want to strive for 0% plastic use in 2020, recycled or otherwise.

2. Achieving full carbon-neutral shipping.

To arrive at complete carbon-neutral shipping, the plan is to plant carbon offsets. By partaking in the use of carbon offsets, the fuel emissions used to ship our products will be neutralized.

3. Incorporating Green Universe's revolutionary dye technology into our production.

Green Universe has created the technology to make dyeing entirely sustainable and non-harmful to the environment. We plan on utilizing this technology into our dyeing process in 2020.

4. Deepening our commitments and relationships with our non-profit partners.

We are partnered with the IRC, the International Rescue Committee, which helps people whose lives are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover, and regain control of their future. In 2020, we plan to up our involvement in their efforts and volunteer our help for their cause.

5. Increasing our overall transparency. 

As a company that is rooted in sustainability, it is important to us for you all to have access to the information necessary to know everything you need to know about the purchase you are making. So, we planning towards making this information public in a periodic sustainability report. This report will include information on our factories, those who work there, how the clothes are made, the materials they are made of, and anything else needed to make an informed purchase. 

These are our specific resolutions for the New Year, but we also have hopes and dreams that are on a much larger scale, that requires the involvement of everyone working together! In 2020, we hope that the world as a whole realizes the effect we are currently having on the planet, and the rate in which the Earth is collapsing. We hope that more country leaders and big business CEOs make ETHICAL and SUSTAINABLE decisions in 2020. This not only requires a change in mindset, but also a change in action. Greta Thunberg and Boyan Slat proved to us that this takes work, but with the right amount of effort poured into it, the detriment that has been done to the planet can be salvaged. But in order to do that, we have to work together.

We would love to hear your resolutions and hopes for the upcoming year! Feel free to leave a comment below to share with us what it is you are looking forward to in 2020.

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