No Need for Fossil Fuels

Heliogen, a solar power company based out of California, emerged from secrecy last month to reveal that they have cracked the code on solar power. The major reason why solar power is not more widely used is because it is difficult to harness enough power to fuel large-scale processes. Now, with concentrated solar power, Heliogen is working towards the complete replacement of fossil fuels with solar. 

Heliogen's breakthrough is a massive step in the right direction to saving our planet. This is the first time in history that solar energy will be able to be used on a commercial level. Meaning: big businesses will no longer rely on fuel sources that are harmful to the planet. But, how does it work?

As listed in the graphic above, the technology that Heliogen has created can be used for steel production, mining, and transportation. These are some of the industries with the worst carbon footprints. Car transportation alone accounts for 75% of the carbon monoxide pollution in the US. Imagine if the air we breath had 75% less pollution.

For the planet, this means less burning of non-renewable resources resulting in less pollution, and the start to cleaner water and air across the globe. For companies, this means lower energy costs, and lower carbon emissions. Heliogen has been able to create a situation where both sides benefit. 

Overall, it is reassuring to see a company making significant strides for the betterment of the planet. But, don't forget that every small contribution helps as well. Continue to do your part by recycling, volunteering, and living a conscious lifestyle!

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