Sustainability Myths

There are so many myths surrounding the world of sustainability, and the word itself. This week's blog is all about identifying those myths, and speaking to the actual truth behind the myth.

Myth: There is no clear definition of sustainability.

The definition of sustainability, according to the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development, is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In layman's terms, it is anything that exists today without jeopardizing the existence of the future. This refers to ANYTHING. Which brings us to the next myth.

Myth: Sustainability only has to deal with the environment.

Sustainability is inclusive when it refers to the future. This includes the environment, people, animals, the economy, standard of living ... the list goes on. It's not only about protecting the environment, but all the different areas of life that are required to prosper and sustain into the future.

Myth: Being sustainable is expensive.

Becoming sustainable can be expensive, but staying sustainable actually is less expensive. Because of the nature of sustainability and its focus on the preservation of the future, the long-term costs of sustainability are greatly lower than that of an unsustainable operation. And in some cases, such as converting to solar power, the entire process overall is less expensive, from initial transition to long-term use. 

Myth: Living completely sustainably is simple.

While we would LOVE to think that living an entirely sustainable lifestyle is easy, the reality is that it is not. It's easy to start, and make simple steps to becoming more sustainable in an everyday lifestyle routine, but to keep up a sustainable life is to constantly research. There is so much knowledge that has to be known and digested in order to understand the overall effects of your lifestyle; even when positive changes are made. So, when those small steps are being taken, it is best to research before, as well as after, to continue to know that the changes you are making are for the better!

(Possibly the Most Frustrating) Myth: Sustainability is just a fad. 

No. Companies like ours that have been involved in the sustainable realm since the early 2000's will all say that sustainability is most certainly not a fad. There have been brands involved in being sustainable, in all different industries, for a very long time now. While some brands engage in 'greenwashing', that does not warrant that the entire concept of a sustainable business model is a trend. And, the brands that are truly abiding by their sustainable practices will prevail for the long-term, actually bringing true change to the planet for the better.


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