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More Ways to Use Less Plastic Every Day

An update on ways to reduce everyday plastic use! With the plastic waste crisis being ingrained in who we are as a brand, we want to continue sharing multiple different...

An update on ways to reduce everyday plastic use! With the plastic waste crisis being ingrained in who we are as a brand, we want to continue sharing multiple different ways you can use less plastic in your everyday life. Everyone's routines are different, and we all use different products daily, making each person's plastic reduction a different journey. Below are some more ways that you may not have thought of to reduce your plastic use.

1. Use reusable bags.

This one may be obvious, but hear me out. Reusable bags are incredibly forgetful, especially when in a rush or making an impromptu store run. To avoid having to purchase yet another reusable bag, or settling for a plastic bag (😫 THE HORROR), make your reusable bag more convenient. Keep one in your car, attached to your keys, or folded up in your everyday handbag or wallet. It'll make a difference!

2. Avoid micro-beads.

Micro-beads are those tiny little beads found in face washes, exfoliants, toothpastes, and various other beauty products. While they feel amazing on our skin, they are oftentimes made of plastic. Be sure to check out the ingredients, there are plenty of exfoliating alternatives (i.e. salt, sugar).

3. Buy in bulk.

Bulk items have less packaging for the amount you are getting, and do not require as frequent shopping runs. Couple this with bulk items in completely recyclable packaging, and not only are you significantly cutting down on packaging waste, but you're also saving money!

4. Cook from scratch.

Cooking from scratch and using fresh ingredients cuts out single-use food containers entirely. Between ordering food from a restaurant and picking up ready-made meals from the grocery store, plastic food containers are everywhere. And, it is very unlikely that the container will be recycled because of food contamination. Making your meals from scratch requires none of those containers, and is much healthier for you!

5. Wipes? Yes, wipes.

Wipes are a beauty routine's silent killer. Many wipes are made with plastic resins, cannot be flushed, and are responsible for the clogging of pipe systems. And because of the plastic resin, they do not biodegrade. So even if you through them away in the trash, they will still be 'biodegrading' in a landfill for thousands of years. This also goes for some of those cotton products, such as cotton rounds and cotton balls. Stick to using a face towel, or biodegradable and compostable wipes. 

6. Use refillable stations.

Many stores are now adopting refilling stations for certain products. Make sure you know if the products you purchase are able to be refilled in a reusable container. The most common example of this though is the dry snack section, with the various nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate covered things. Usually you grab the little plastic box, or produce bag from the dispenser right next to all these options. Instead, bring a couple of mason jars and fill those up!

These are just a couple of easy ways to be conscious of your plastic use, and hopefully find alternatives to plastic. Comment below ways that you have cut out or reduced plastic in your everyday life!

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