Turn Off the Faucet on Plastic Waste

Today is America Recycles Day! A day to take time to celebrate recycling and using recycled products. With clothing being such a highly consumed product in America (and throughout the world), it is crucial for companies to use fabrics that are sustainable and low-impact. That is why we use recycled polyester, and below are specific reasons why it is so important. 

  • Making recycled polyester requires 90% less water than virgin polyester.
  • Recycled polyester uses plastics that would otherwise end up in our oceans or landfills.
  • The overall production of recycled polyester is low-impact, requiring 59% less energy to produce than regular polyester.
  • Using recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as a raw material.
  • The quality of recycled polyester is equal to that of virgin polyester. 
  • Recycled polyester is recyclable. 

So, why buy virgin polyester when recycled polyester is exactly the same, just with a lower impact? That is why you will never find regular polyester in any of our products: only recycled.

But, a major reason to advocate for recycled polyester, and any recycled product, is that purchasing these products closes the loop on the global waste dilemma that we are currently trying to undo. Part of the solution is cleaning up the waste, which companies like the Ocean Cleanup Project are doing, and the other part is stopping the contribution of waste to be cleaned up. Buying recycled not only keeps the waste out of our oceans and landfills by putting it to use, but it helps immensely in being able to fully clean up the pollution that has already accumulated.

Think about this: when your bathtub starts to overfill and flood the bathroom, the first reaction is to turn off the faucet, not grab the mop. That is what we need to do with our plastic waste: TURN OFF THE FAUCET.

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