Keeping Our Facilities Safe

We wanted to share what we have been doing to keep our facilities safe, here in LA and our factory partners overseas. Read on to see the measures we have taken to ensure a safe workplace during the pandemic.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Our main office and warehouse are under the same roof here in LA. Amidst the breakout of the pandemic, everyone was sent to work from home. Zoom quickly became very popular!

Prior to our warehouse staff returning to fulfill orders, the building was professionally cleaned and sanitized to ensure no presence of the virus. Then, the warehouse staff returned with masks and gloves required, socially distancing, with temperature checks, in limited quantity, and working in newly formed work groups. These work groups are a measure put in place to easily track who comes into contact with whom, know the amount of people in the building at once, and to better contain the chance of spread. 

Now that the virus has proven to be more permanent than originally planned, new installments and regularities have been implemented. Professional-grade cleaning occurs once a week, and hand sanitizer stations have been installed throughout the building. Masks are required for entry, and social distancing is required when in the building. Work groups will be continued until further notice to keep traceability. 

And, with everything being very overwhelming, from the pandemic to protests, leniency in personal days has increased. Our founder is big on making sure we are all taking care of ourselves mentally during times like these where we are all affected in different ways. Physical safety is just as important as emotional safety.

Weihei, China

Our factory partners in China were on holiday when all of this broke out as it was Chinese New Year. So, their holiday was extended until everything calmed down. Now, they are back up and running, with the usual precautions of gloves, masks, and social distancing. 

Guatemala & Pakistan

Our facilities in both Guatemala and Pakistan are currently at 50% capacity, with masks, gloves, and social distancing. While most of our manufacturing and production happens in Weihei, we want to be sure our partners are keeping the workers safe, no matter how much of our business is with them.

We cannot believe that this is the new normal, but we are doing our best to abide by all the rules and keep all of our staff safe! 

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