Do You Know Where Your Plastic Is Going?

*Includes a brief review of Netflix's Broken, a docu-series delving into the realities of different industries.*

You certainly should! While recycling is a simple task that has a massive impact on our global waste crisis (for the better!), it pays to be knowledgable on how to recycle and ensure your waste is going where you think it is. This topic really hits home for us as we are striving to have plastic waste put to use. And, the only way that can happen if it is recycled properly.

Netflix's Broken has an entire episode dedicated to the recycling industry. This episode sheds light on how many people are recycling incorrectly, consequently having the waste they think is being recycled actually end up in landfills. Did you know, there are 7 categories of recyclable plastic?

Each category has specific products that fall into each, and recyclability measures that outline how much of those materials can be recycled. This is very helpful in understanding what type of plastic can be put into the recycle bin. Additionally, this helps in knowing which types of plastic to buy based on how recyclable it is. (Or, just watch the doc.) The episode received a 5 star rating from us for making viewers see that being conscious makes a difference. 

Here at T4T, we suggest only purchasing products made of recycled materials. Why? Because this solidifies the recyclability of that product. If all of its components have been recycled once, when it comes to plastic, the entire product can be recycled again. And, by purchasing recycled, you know that (1) the system is a closed loop, and (2) no new plastic was created, skipping out on the detrimental production processes of new plastic.

With most viewing all plastic as recyclable, that unfortunately is not the case. The absolute best solution is to completely stop the use of single-use plastic all together. This includes recycled materials and reusable materials. Be aware of your buying and disposal habits, and help us in helping the planet. Share with us some of your alternatives to single-use plastic, leave a comment below and we will share!


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