Inauguration Day 2021: A Note from Our Founder

Today is Inauguration Day.  Throughout history, this day has signified the peaceful transfer of power that until recently, many of us took for granted.  This Inauguration Day comes on the heels of a particularly tumultuous & trying year. 

The pandemic, which has ravaged too many lives and livelihoods, is a challenge unlike any of us have ever lived through.  Social justice issues that have always been present were brought front & center.  In light of all that we have been through this year...the good, the bad, the ugly...we have seen people from all over peacefully protesting against racial injustice, front line workers tirelessly taking care of their neighbors, and people coming together to help those in need. 

Likewise, we like to think our brand has continued to push forward.  From donating masks to our frontline workers, advocating for underserved communities, standing and speaking up for true equality, and continuing the push towards a more sustainable fashion industry. We are committed to continually working to better our local and global communities.

We are hopeful that the new administration can bring about a shift towards more positive and productive public discourse focused on solving the issues facing our country, communities and environment.  We are also excited and encouraged that some of the first policy initiatives the new administration has announced line up with the brand values that we at Threads 4 Thought stand and advocate for:

  • Rejoining the paris climate agreement
  • Ordering agencies to figure out how to reunite children separated from their families
  • Rescinding the travel ban on several predominantly Muslim countries
  • Instituting eviction and foreclosure restrictions as a direct result of the COVID19 pandemic

Welcome President Biden and Vice President Harris.  We stand with you. Let's do this!

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