In-Person Voting

This week is a quick voting update:

Early in-person voting has begun! And is currently breaking records in comparison to the 2016 election. At this time last year, around 1 million people had voted. Now, we are up to over 34 million ballots casted. This is largely due to people trying to avoid large crowds on Election Day because of the virus. So, what we don't know quite yet, is if the overall voter turnout will be higher this year, or if most are just simply voting early. With everything that has made up 2020 so far, there are hopeful predictions that, with the heightened awareness around voting and other social issues, 2020's voter turnout will exceed 2016's. But, time will tell!

As far as in-person voting deadlines, many states have a deadline of 1 week before Election Day. Some will allow you to vote early all the way up to the day before. If you are planning to vote early, be sure to check out your state's guidelines! These deadlines are coming up quick.

And, if you do plan on heading to the polls, be sure to be safe. Masks and distancing are crucial in preventing the virus from spreading further. Get out there and vote! We at T4T sure are 🗳 

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