Happy Holidays From Our Founder

What a year. 
For many of us, this has been one of the most difficult & strange years that we have endured. This year more than any other, we are taking this opportunity to reflect & acknowledge what we have accomplished together and set our intentions for the year ahead-
To our Threads 4 Thought community,
Thank you for all of your incredible support throughout this year. We are here and have the opportunity to make a positive impact all because of you. Your purchases have allowed us to facilitate over 250K mask donations to front line responders, continue supporting the important work of the International Rescue Committee and continue to advance investments in the sustainability of our products & supply chain.
To our team members,
I could not be more proud of the way we have adapted & worked together throughout this year. The commitment everyone has shown to our mission is incredible and has allowed us to become an even more impactful brand during these challenging times. 
To our health care heroes & front line workers,
We are humbled by your brave commitment & relentless resolve throughout this pandemic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
As we look towards next year, there are all kinds of reasons to be hopeful. We are as committed as ever to bringing you ever-more-sustainable fashion. We will soon be rolling out exciting new fabric, product & packaging innovations. We will be launching new sustainability reporting innovations for each of our products to continually increase our transparency & show our positive impact. We will continue to advance & deepen our partnership with the International Rescue Committee & with other organizations that truly make our world a better place. 
Thank you for being on this journey with us. Your continued support, enthusiasm & engagement is what drives us to continue to become a better brand each day. Wishing you & all of your loved ones a happy holiday season & the very best in 2021.
Eric Fleet
Co-Founder, Threads 4 Thought

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