Get Away in a Getaway House!

If you haven't already heard: Getaway Houses are the new way to stay for traveling! Getaway Houses are tiny homes that you can rent out in nature to experience the world around you. They are designed as a literal get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the constant need for technological connectivity. They have locations across the country, and are currently expanding to be accessible for more major cities in the US.

While this is a great experience to indulge in if looking for a new way to travel, there are also notable points about the sustainability of tiny homes for vacation rentals, as well as for full-time living. Those who have committed to living in a tiny house are well on the way to an extremely sustainable lifestyle. 

Below are major reasons why tiny home living promotes a sustainable, low-waste lifestyle.

  1. They reduce the need to fill your space with waste, lowering your consumption and wastefulness. 
  2. Many utilize sustainable building materials, such as upcycling salvage from dumps. There are also companies that use recycled and sustainably-sourced materials. 
  3. They can be incorporated into subdivisions. There are micro-apartments popping up in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. These also carry the same sustainable benefits of tiny houses.
  4. They can be fitted for life off the grid, some taking advantage of outdoor composting toilets, and solar panels for electricity generation. 
  5. Overall, tiny homes consume and waste less energy.

Realistically, not everyone is able to live the lifestyle that tiny houses provide. But, they do shed light on low-waste and zero-waste living, bringing sustainable living habits to the forefront of many conversations that must be had in order to reduce wastefulness.

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