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Our 2020 Donation Schedule

*Updated 07/21/2020* Stay up-to-date on the donations we have done so far this year, and the ones we are scheduling! With your help, we want to raise money to support...

*Updated 07/21/2020*

Stay up-to-date on the donations we have done so far this year, and the ones we are scheduling! With your help, we want to raise money to support multiple initiatives, whether they are at the forefront of the news or not. There are so many areas for improvement when it comes to the protection of our people and our environment. While some of those areas make headlines, others are overshadowed and forgotten. It is important for us to stay involved in contributing to organizations dedicated to making this world a better place in various ways.

As you may already know, these are whom we have donated to thus far:

Black Lives Matter

Protecting Our People: Black Lives Matter is working to create a more equal environment globally, with their efforts spanning across the US, UK, and Canada. From unjust violence, to amplifying marginalized voices, to the judicial system, BLM is involved in many aspects to bring equality to the forefront of the conversation.

NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund

Protecting Our People: The NAACP LDF focuses primarily on fighting for racial justice, through litigation, advocacy, and education to bring upon structural change regarding civil rights.

Still We Rise

Involved in No. 9 Auction for police brutality

Protecting Our People: Still We Rise holds auctions to raise awareness and money for various different initiatives. Not only do the auctions benefit organizations to help in-need communities, the products offered support small businesses and independent artists. Through their efforts, they have raised nearly half a million dollars for the following organizations:

  • ACLU
  • Bail Project
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Circle of Health
  • Emily's List
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • Everytown
  • Families Belong Together
  • M4BL
  • Moms Demand Action
  • National Network of Abortion Funds
  • No Kid Hungry
  • Planned Parenthood
  • NRDC
  • Raices
  • SPLC
  • Texas Civil Rights Project
  • World Central Kitchen

No Kid Hungry

Protecting Our People: Especially crucial during the pandemic, No Kid Hungry has programs in place to get meals to children in-need. Typically these programs are centered around school, but since the breakout of the pandemic they have been finding more creative ways to still provide food to children across the US.

The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Longterm partner of ours

Protecting Our People & Environment: The IRC is truly in the sector of saving people by protecting refugees, enabling their journeys, making sure they have places to go, jobs to take on, and support for their loved ones. They have an expansive volunteer network as well, not only to help out with refugee initiatives, but also in any time or area of crisis they feel they can use their network to aid.



See below for the initiatives we will be benefitting moving forward into this year:

The Ocean Cleanup

Protecting Our Environment: The Ocean Cleanup has been an organization that we have followed closely for a while now as the founder, Boyan Slat, created the technology and processes for collecting ocean and river plastics on a large scale. They've successfully collected plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and have begun their plans to circulating that plastic into usable products. For the entire month of August, we will be donating a percentage of our profits to be a contributor in their plastic waste reduction movement.

PH8 Foundation

Protecting Our People & Environment: PH8 Foundation provides clean water to in-need communities, and works with NGOs to continue to sustainably help these communities so they can continue to have clean water and other basic human needs. They have helped over 12,000 people across 6 countries so far, and have more projects in the works. Their current projects include Tanzania, the Philippines, Peru, Nepal, Ghana, Uganda, and Cambodia. What is very commendable about this organization is that they are not doing one-time projects and then moving on: they instill ways for these communities to continue to have access to their needs.

An interesting point about this foundation is that they help our communities right here in Los Angeles (where they originally started). People tend to overlook the fact that we have communities and families right here in our biggest cities that still need help with basic human needs. While this foundation is new on our radar, we are excited to be donating a percentage of our profits for the month of September to contribute to their much needed efforts.

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Protecting Our People: Raising awareness for breast cancer since 1991, the National Breast Cancer Foundation is a place to learn about breast cancer, find support services, and provide resources to those affected. It is designed as a safe space to turn to when in need of anything regarding breast cancer. Since 1989, breast cancer death rates have decreased by 40%, and can be largely attributed to the spread of knowledge, specifically surrounding early detection, that the foundation works toward getting out there. This October, breast caner awareness month, we are proud to be donating a percentage of profits to the foundation and contribute to their mission.


Stay Tuned for Updates!




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