About Our Cancel Waste Event

In pursuit of zero waste, we are holding our Cancel Waste Event this month that features exclusive discounts for a limited time only. We strive to give each garment we produce a chance at longevity, keeping our products out of landfills and continuing to minimize our impact on the environment. This sale event will have the steepest discounts of the year!

Cancelling waste is a value here at T4T that has been strong since the beginning. A huge part of sustainability is minimizing the waste we create, which can be done by elongating the life of our garments in every way possible. The Cancel Waste Event is an avenue for us to do exactly that: minimize our waste impact. And, even after our garments are worn and you're ready to get rid of them, we encourage the use of our second-hand retail partner ThredUp. ThredUp is an online thrift marketplace where you can sell used clothing, and we are a proud partner on their platform. 

In addition to our Cancel Waste Event and ThredUp, any out-of-date inventory that we do have left, we donate locally here in the LA area. In the past, we have partnered with the Watts Empowerment Center to donate our clothing to those in need, right here in our own community. This is a practice that we stand by, continuing to donate clothing where it is truly needed.

No matter how large of the contribution, any effort to minimize waste makes a difference. Stay tuned for our biggest sale event of the year, and join us in our journey of protecting our environment! 

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